Gas Water Heaters

Advantages of gas hot water systems:

  • They are generally cheaper to run than equivalent electric systems (Choice

  • They produce 25% - 30% less greenhouse gas emission's than equivalent electric systems ("Your Energy Savings" -- Australian Government) 

  • At an ambient temperature of 20o C and above , a standard pilot light on a gas storage hot water unit will maintain the temperature of stored hot water unit without the main burner firing.

  • Gas water heating is not affected by power blackouts, unless it's a dual fuel (gas/oil) unit.

Storage versus instantaneous systems

  • Gas hot water can use a storage (tank at mains pressure) system or an instantaneous (on demand) heating unit.

  • For low volume needs, such as small households with few members, an on-demand water heater can make a lot of sense.

  • For larger-households, in which more than one person may want to use hot water at the same time, storage systems work better.

  • Storage water heaters are less expensive and less prone to mechanical problems. They also encourage thrift when showering, since there's a finite amount of hot water.

Gas-Boosted Solar Hot Water

We can retrofit a gas boosting unit to your existing solar hot water installation. This a wall mounted gas instantaneous demand hot water unit which 'tops' up the temperature of the solar hot water when not enough solar energy has been collected (eg on cloudy days) or when you use up what you have collected.

This is a cheaper and more environmentally sound alternative than electric boosting, and gives a permanent back up, should your solar hot water system fail.

More gas hot water facts

  • Gas appliances require some servicing

  • The Australian Standard for the deliveryof hot water is 50o C (kid safe).

  • Natural gas power is measured in megajoules (Mj)

  • Appliance efficiently is indicated by star ratings. Some of eco friendly hot wtaer units have up to 7 stars.

  • The life expectancy of a mild steel hot water storage tank unit at 60deg. C in a 4 person family in Perth averages 10 years. Tank life span is affected by water quality, pressure, volume of water heated and the operating temperature. Reducing any of the last three of these variables will extend tank life span. The oldest stainless steel storage tank we've replace was a 22 year-old Aquamax tank.

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