Solving Gas Hot Water Issues

Have you been told that you cannot have gas hot water?

Are there issues with:

  • getting gas to your property?
  • relocating your gas box and finding legal positions?
  • getting gas to remote locations on your property?
  • up grading of the gas pressure to overcome volume issue?
  • alternative gas supplies?
  • gas leaks? 
We can offer a second opinion when you have been told 'there is no possible way'. We provide no obligation advice, straight yes or no answers on the spot and priced solutions.

If your gas pipes are too small, we can advise on:

  • pipe sizing strategies to run high demand gas hot water units
  • other materials and pipes -- stainless, pex, copper, steel
  • choosing a gas hot water unit  to suite the available gas supply size

You've been told you have no legal location for your hot water system? We can offer:

  • clever ways to get a hot water unit located in a positions closer to winders and corners
  • concealled gas installations in boxes, ceilings and inside rooms or cupboards
  • help from inspectors to solve your location issues

Do you have low hot water pressure? We can talk about:

  • pumping up your hot water pressure
  • water conditioning versus filtering

Does the water cool before it arrives at the outlet? We can help with:

  • reducing temperature loss in pipes over distrance
  • adding back the lost heat
  • circulating hot water -- pumped versus convection systems
  • insulation and reducing heat loss

Do you waste water running the hot water and waiting for it to actually get hot?

We can provide a solution that provides hot water ready at the tap

Obligation-free consultations

Our consultations are  free and without obligation. You may well be surprised and delighted with the result.

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