Drain Unblocking Services

Besides being no fun at all and an embarrassment, blocked drains can be a real health hazard and should be attended to immediately.

Symptoms of sewer and drainage blockages include:

  • bad smells which are signs of partial blockages
  • sucking, gurgling and lapping sounds associated with blockages
  • water appliances won't empty or drain
  • overflowing of exterior gully grates, IS shafts and vents
  • debris around gully grates

Our high-tech approach allows us to quickly clear blocked drains, waste pipes, grates and stacks (vertical pipes) with diamters 100mm to 150mm with the latest high powered drain machines.
We can also:

  • trace sewers with electronic equiptment
  • investigate blockages with closed circuit TV -- CLICK HERE to view "drain cam" footage of blockage diagnosis
  • create drain plans
  • provide compliance certification for existing undocumented installations
  • provide sewer condition reports
  • trouble shoot and diagnose drain problems
  • make repairs to gully grates and vents

Assiociated drainage work we can also provide:

  • replacement of sewers and waste pipes
  • proving and liasing with government authorities as to location and faults outside your property
  • pumping of wastes from below ground level i.e. cellars, basements and garages
  • subdivisional plumbing - junctions, realignments and ministers sewer extensions
  • reflux valves to stop street drainage coming into your property
  • boundry traps to prevent ministers sewer smells coming into your property
  • interpretation of drainage plans and location of unground features
  • impartial second opinions and comparative quotes
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