Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heaters for Home and Café

Ditch your awkward gas heaters for a truly elegant and efficient high tech solution!

The Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heater range offers the latest technology in premium, outdoor electric heating. 

The infrared energy these heaters use to provide warmth is inspired by the sun, sending down beams of heat that radiate warmth directly to objects and people, rather than blowing hot air like a traditional heater. The result is a relaxed, ambient atmosphere created by pleasant and gentle warmth. 

Advantages of the Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heater : 

  • $0.60/ hour to run  versus $2.62/hr for LPG (calculated on $29 per 9kg LPG bottle ex Bunnings,  running for 11 hours = $2.62/hr), for a saving of $2.00 per hour and $2000 saving per year, per heater (assuming 1000 hours use each  winter) 
  • Staff no longer required to deploy, store or refill gas bottles, and gas bottle storage space freed up for other uses. Allowing $5 in labour costs per heater perday for 100 days this represents a $500 saving in labour costs (based on 15 minutes at $20/hr wage). 
  • No staff committed to relocating, adjusting or handling units during busy times
  • No risk to clients from gas flame fires such as singed hair, skin burns or knocking LPG columns over 
  • Frees up valuable floor space fromerly occupied by LPG columns 
  • The heat is directional and therefore concentrated where you aim it 
  • No annual servicing or moving parts 
  • Easily cleaned with soapy water and a hose 
  • Emits no distracting visible light or noise 
  • The heating is supplied by radiant infra-red light, rather than by air convection and so not affected by wind 
  • Units require little shielding as the heat they supply is directional 
  • 12 months commercial warranty with a life expectancy 7 years, or twice the life of LPG column equivalent heat source 
  • While designed for the commercial alfresco market, this product also has a 3 year warranty for residential use 
  • 1500, 1800 and 2400 watt units can be plugged into a standard 3 pin 10 amp power outlet. (The multiple unit will require suitable wiring and breakers) 
To lean more, download this brochure: 
Rinnai Radiant HeaterRinnai Radiant Heater (768 kb)

For further enquiries about pricing and installation contact us.

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