Power & Water Savings

Flow-Less™ Solutions—reduce water and power usage without having to think about it! Save water & energy without even trying!

Pressure Compensating Flow Regulators - retro-fit inserts

Pressure Compensating Regulators provide a constant flow rate regardless of line pressure fluctuations. This means a more comfortable flow than a restricted device at low pressures and more savings at higher pressures! 

How many times a day do you wash your hands? In less than three 15 second hand-washes, with Flow-Less™ you’ve already saved all the water you are going to drink for the day from going down the drain.

Flow-Less™ will reduce the consumption of both water and energy without you or other users ever having to think about it! With Flow-Less™ in place, you can just do what you’ve always done and the water savings are inevitable. You don’t have to remember to do anything different.

Flow-Less™ is a unique range of pressure-compensating regulators for taps and showers. Once installed, they are guaranteed to reduce usage and costs, while being a very visible reminder to others of your environmental commitment.


 Standard tap flow rate of 
9.0litres per minute
 FlowLess tap flow rate of 
2.0litres per minute

Product - Flow Details  Applications  Savings   
Flow-Less™ 3.5 Lpm
Pressure Compensating
Flow Regulator (Spray)
1/2” or 3/8” diameter
 Top-selling solution for:
• Hotels/Motels/Resorts
• Hospitals
• Schools/Colleges
 Water Savings of
around 60% and
power savings of
around 30% on
typical 10Lpm
flick-mix taps
Flow-Less™ 1.7 Lpm
Pressure Compensating
Flow Regulator (Spray)
1/2” or 3/8” diameter
 Best savings solution for:
• Busy Office Buildings
• Pubs/Clubs/Shops
• Sporting venues
 Water Savings of
around 80% and
power savings of
around 40% on
typical 10Lpm flickmix
taps (100% if
switched to all cold)
Flow-Less™ 5 or 6 Lpm
Pressure Compensating
Flow Regulator (Spray)
1/2” or 3/8” diameter
 Practical savings for:
• Office Kitchens and
• Resort/Hotel kitchens
where crockery is just
rinsed before dishwasher
Water Savings of
around 50% and
power savings of
around 60% on
typical 12Lpm flickmix
taps used for
rinsing crockery.
Flow-Less™ 8.0 Lpm
Pressure Compensating
In-Line Flow Regulator
1/2” diameter only
 Clever solution and great savings
by reducing the flow but
maintaining the spray shape
through existing shower-heads
at a fraction of the cost of new
‘low-flow’ heads.
 Water Savings of
around 40% and
power savings of
around 50% on
typical 12Lpm nonmassage

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