These flexes might save you $10k and lot of heart ache...

The average new kitchen cupboards are $10 - $20 k at current cost ....

We are receiving receiving 3 jobs a week (usually from sobbing home owners) as a result of mixer leads to kitchens and bathroom bursting ..... Despite using a stainless steel sheath for abrasion, in current flexes supplied with mixers, the internals are an inferior grade of unreinforced rubber which rapidly deteriorates and bursts ... in every case !!

Change your leads if you cannot guarantee that they are pex leads - the average mixer lead replacement with isolations (2 of each) - will cost $165 and could save you $20,000 worth of damaged cupboards, timber floor boards and carpet.

Our minimum recommendation for leads in cupboards is:

  1. isolation valves for each mixer in cupboards
  2.  flexes made from Pex/ sheathed s/steel - pex is what is currently used for water pipe installation
  3. Visual inspection of your leads for rust or discoloration of the stainless sheath ...or tight bends which can accelerate the burst process

If you would like us to check the flexes in your kitchen, contact us now.

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