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Q. Can I have a gas bayonet in the bedroom (or bathroom, toilet, hall, or any small room?)
A. You cannot have a bayonet, but you can have a flued heater.

Q. What is the maximum size gas hose I can get?
A. 3.0 metres

Q. Will my LPG appliance work on my new bayonet?
A. Sorry, they are very different gases and they cannot be interchanged.

Q.  My gas plumber/gas fitter says that I have to have ventilation? I’ve got windows.
A. Any unflued appliance produces waste gases and depleats the room of oxygen. Vents are required at the top and the bottom of the room (ie within 3% of the top and bottom of the room)

Q. What is the minimum size vent that we can use?
A. 25,000sq mm (of open space) each vent. It can vent to the brick cavity, or ventilated sub floor, or any other room which is vented

Q. Is it expensive?
A. We work out the cost of bayonet installations by the following formula.
     a. standard bayonet  within 3 metres of a gas supply – $240 inc gst
     b. each additional metre – $33/m 
     c. vents – $50 each
The prices are a guide only – site specific factors requiring additional work can increase costs, for example if repaving is required or the installation is required to be under the floor

Q. How long does it take?
A. Usually only 2–3 hrs with 48 hours notice

Q. What if I don’t have gas at my house?
A. If the houses around you have gas, it’s probably available to you. Usually seven days after an application to the gas supplier, (depending on the time of year) you’ll have gas. There's no charge if it is a standard first time connection but extra if over 20 metres from the boundry.

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