Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I conceal pipework under new exterior or interior linings?  i.e cedar weather boards or Gyproc?
A. Yes, it is generally a quick process, in coordination with your carpenter.
Note : some larger plastic waste pipes cannot be concealed.

Q. My hot water takes a long time to get to the kitchen - what are my options?
A.     a. water circulation system 
         b. dedicated hot water 
         c. boiling water units at the sink.

Q. There are water hammering noises through the house and the plumber said that it cannot be fixed? What else can we do?
A.     a. arrestor valves
         b. source isolation

Q. Our shower temperature fluctuates in cycles, but it doesn't seem to do it anywhere else?
A. The cause is "low flow" dynamics, usually caused by an obstruction of the water line

Q. We have had blockages in the sewer at the boundry to main sewer, which we get cleared periodically. Is there any permanent solution?
A.     a.  camera the line
         b.  Water Corp intervention
         c.  relining
         d.  replacement

Q. Plumbers are expensive! How can I get the price down?
A. Bundling -- Putting all your annual maintenance jobs together for a fixed price   

Q. The electric booster to our solar is costing a fortune? Can we gas boost?
A. electronic gas boosting

Q. What about outside plumbing to improve the quality of our life?
A.     a.  gas BBQ or space heater point in the alfresco -- from $240
         b.  beach or pool showers -- from $160                                                       

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